Seed sources for prickly plants

As we look toward spring and visit garden centres to sigh about tomato seeds and whatnot, this might be a good time to think about cactus and succulent seeds too. Here are some sources. Thank you to our members Rene and Doug for help compiling this list.

  1. Alplains, in Colorado, USA. Large selection of cacti, agaves and rock garden seeds.
  2. SuccSeed, in Sweden. Real exotics, and the web site photos make your mouth water.
  3. Mesa Garden, in New Mexico, USA. Seeds, books and lots of growing advice.
  4. Koehres Kakteen, in Germany. A variety of cacti, succulents and others, good service.
  5. “Seed depot” of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America.
  6. Cactus & Succulent Plant Mall. A seed section and a great aggregator of information.
  7. British Cactus & Succulent Society. Seeds, much else.
  8. Gardens North, in Nova Scotia, Canada. Hardyseeds, some cacti & succulents, GA-3 germinator.
  9. Dominion Seed House, in Ontario, Canada. Hardy plants, including succulents.
  10. Stokes Seeds in Ontario, Canada has occasional cactus and succulent seeds.
  11. Cactus-Succulent Literature, in Czech Republic. Nice photos, good selection.
  12. Sacred Succulents, in California, USA. Rare and endangered species, related material.
  13. Rareexoticseeds, in Quebec, Canada. Lots of things, including cacti and GA-3 germinator.
  14. Dave’s Garden, in California,USA. An information aggregator, with numerous seed sources.
  15. Desert Canyon Gifts, in Colorado, USA. Saguaros, ocotillos, dish gardens, etc.
  16. The Cactus Store, in Arizona, USA. Seeds supplied by Phoenix Desert Nursery.
  17. Bohemia Cactus, in Czech Republic. Lists numerous worldwide seed sources.
  18. Vancouver Seed Bank, in British Columbia, Canada. Seeds for cacti and other plants.
  19. CactiGuide, in Minnesota, USA. No seeds, but its 1,300 photos will give you ideas.

3 thoughts on “Seed sources for prickly plants

  1. The next thing we need here is a list of good places to purchase cacti and succulent plants. It’s a short list I know, but I could contribute a good one in our area: Landover nursery in Red Deer. They are mostly into cacti and succulents. Thanks Olga for all your hard work on this web site!

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